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The Responsible Gambler – That means you!

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Your model professional - Chris Ferguson.

Gambling, Alcohol and Addiction. Let's get it out of our system.

Recently I applied to become a member of the Gaffg network which is a network of people dedicated to promoting online gambling.

One of the conditions of membership is that all members must have a link somewhere on their site that highlights the problems of gambling abuse or gives help for people with gambling addiction problems which I think is a very worthy movement and one that I am proud to be associated with.

So I'm not going to be mealy mouthed about it or give it some glib footer mention. This is something that I actually feel strongly about.


When I started my first gambling site at sixhanded.com I did it because I thought I had something to offer to the poker community. And of course I thought I could make a buck too.

The reality is that it is a lot harder to make money in online gambling than most people would have you believe. To be successful you need to be able to harness a wide skillset of image manipulation, content writing and basic FTP skills. Let alone the wider issues of branding, SEO and all the other normal business issues that you would have to deal with.

You may notice the lack of Horse Racing interest on GYBO! But that is simply my own preference. I'm not really interested in the nags but who knows, we may find someone ready and able to become a GYBO! Horse racing commentator in the future.

My reason for mentioning that is because when I was a kid I used to go and stay with my Aunt as I'm sure many of you have done.

It was always a great trip to London and I used to love going there. London is such a great place.

I always had a good time but I have a particular image of my Uncle who used to sit with a copy of the Saturday paper underlining this horse and that horse and generally spending most of the day fretting about the nags and running backwards and forwards from the bookies.

I was only eight or nine at the time so I didn't clock what the score was and I never paid any attention. It was only later in life that I realised what a tool he was for gambling away every penny he had and losing his business and house into the bargain.

I saw him at my Nephews wedding recently although he is long since divorced and he looked well so maybe he has put his demons behind him and moved on.

If you are going to gamble then take my advice and use my bankroll management tools. They are there for a reason and they will help you enormously in your quest to become a gambling winner.

As I've mentioned in some of the key articles on this site you should use Value Sports Betting as your key to making a profit and back that up with a solid poker game.

If you want to know how to play the most profitable poker game then read my guide at sixhanded.com which although a few years old now still has some relevant pointers.

If you have cash to spare then taking your best blackjack game to the casino is another revenue earner and really that is all your gambling should consist of.

If you have an alcohol problem then you really should not gamble and I don't say that lightly.

Gambling and alcohol are the worst possible combination. You lose your mind and then you lose your money.

Many is the time I have been winning a poker tournament only to give up my chips in horrible fashion.

I'll tell you a story:

One time I had the chip lead going into the final table of a $10 buy in tournament on Blue Square Poker. With nine players left I got dealt AA with a massive chip lead and I got called by A8 who proceeded to hit a flop of 886.

I was starting to lose it and so I asked my son to come and sit with me to try and make sure I didn't do anything stupid – you know - go on tilt or just move all in for the hell of it.

I had been drinking and I was scared that I was just going to give up all my chips for nothing in the end. If you play multi table tournament poker then you know that you can be sitting there for four hours before you get to a final table.

In the end I took it down but only because I realised I needed to get some help and if I had sat there on my own it would not have happened. Having someone sitting there even though they didn't know how the game was played kept me from making a donk play and giving up all my chips.

Sitting on your lonesome and gambling online is obviously OK when you are winning but when you start to lose then that is why you should practice bankroll management.

My bankroll strategy is one of the best you will find and it will stop you going broke. If you have a gambling problem then this is a good place to start learning about how to control your habit.

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I've compiled some articles to help you gamble responsibly. Betting for value explains how and why you need to find value in a bet. I have two excellent articles on managing your money - Beginners bankroll management gives you the information you need to stay clear of playing with the rent money and advanced bankroll management will help you master the art.

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