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  • Luis Suarez debacle is a symptom of football’s malaise. But what is the cure?

Luis Suarez debacle is a symptom of football’s malaise. But what is the cure?

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Luis Suarez debacle is a symptom of football’s malaise. But what is the cure?

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Like many thousands of Liverpool supporters I’m incensed by Suarez and his constant whinging.
He’s like a bad itch that just won’t go away. No matter how hard you scratch, it hangs around and even starts to bleed the more you try and get rid of it.

I am no fan of Suarez and I want him gone, but the Liverpool owner John Henry speaks complete sense when he says it is “unthinkable” to sell the player to Arsenal.

It is quite conceivable that this season Liverpool and Arsenal will be duking it out for fourth spot and the ten to fifteen goal swing that Suarez would give to Arsenal would be the decisive factor in deciding who takes the bogey fifth place and Europa cup Thursday night / Sunday afternoon matches that no one wants.

Looking at the bare facts:

Suarez is contracted to Liverpool for a further three years, there is no clause in his contract that says he can move if an offer comes in. Only that the club will listen to the offer and make the player aware of any interest.
Agitating for a move is a disgraceful repayment for everything Liverpool football club have done for this player.

Lest he forget he has spent a sizeable amount of his time watching from the stands for his abuse of Patrice Evra and biting Ivanovic. He still has six games of his ten match ban to serve and it won't go away by moving to another club.

Wouldn't it be ironic if he was allowed to join Arsenal and then they failed to qualify for the Champions League proper? They are only in the qualifying stages after all and whilst it's unlikely to happen there would be much egg on faces if that transpired.

Brendan Rodgers has finally lost patience with his antics and banished him to training on his own. Not a moment too soon in my opinion, he has indulged Suarez for far too long.

The question is where do we go from here?

The player wants to move, he has "downed tools" in training and so been told to keep away from the rest of the squad so as not to spread his toxic, obnoxious poison.

The club don't want to sell him. Certainly not to Arsenal and in light of the fee being touted for Gareth Bale £40 million and one quid  looks on the low side anyway for a player of his undoubted ability.

If Suarez is going to stay for another season then he is going to have to eat copious amounts of humble pie publicly to redeem himself in any way at all. And if he does stay, and Liverpool do qualify for the Champions League next season - what then?

The best that can happen is that a foreign team comes in for the player with a decent bid of £60 million and everyone agrees he can disappear abroad.

The whole episode simply highlights what a tragic farce football is becoming and there will come a day of reckoning. Not before time if you ask me.

Grossly overpaid players with hugely inflated transfer fees, ridiculous ticket prices, players who think they are bigger than their club, fractious TV coverage and impossible bidding for rights to show Premier league games.

Throw the abuse of referees - particularly last season's  vindictive accusation against Mark Clattenburg into the melting pot as well, why not?

Couple all that with financial fair play - it's a house of cards ready to fall.

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