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If Klopp Can't Mend Liverpool They Will Be Eternally Broken

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If Klopp Can't Mend Liverpool They Will Be Eternally Broken

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If Klopp Can't Mend Liverpool They Will Be Eternally Broken

The title chasing team that came so, so close to landing the first Premiership trophy in 2013/14 reignited the passion for football that had lain dormant in Liverpool supporters for what seemed an eternity.

Meeting the team bus, the throngs of people in the street pre match, the flags.

And then suddenly the dreams were over so cruelly. Snatched away by an uncaring Muse who inflicted misery on the captain of the side at the same time that she ripped the soul out of the Liverpool support.

Fans have not recovered from missing out on the title in such horrible circumstances and with Suarez and Sterling moving on, the mood in the stadium this season has been one of muted antipathy.

The run of poor results that began last season and continued into this turned the tide against Rodgers. More importantly the performances degraded to such an extent that fans could only sit and watch with folded arms whilst the same broken record played itself out every week.

It was like watching a blind man try to fit together a 1000 piece jigsaw. The border was there but the middle bit would never come together no matter how hard he tried to press the wrong pieces into the wrong positions.

The problem for Rodgers was his inability to recruit the players who would sprinkle stardust on the team as a whole. He definitely had the ability but no star pulling power. Players like Sanchez and Kroos moved on to brighter lights.

In addition to that there are question marks over his “eye for a player”. Player recruitment was a constant revolving door and even today there are question marks over several key positions – holes that should have been plugged with the amount of money that has been spent over the last few transfer windows.

Even so, Rodgers leaves a decent squad of players behind and a team only six points from top. It is credit to FSG that they have acted so decisively to secure their man and ensure that the run of poor performances didn't escalate into a run of even poorer results.

Who knows what may have happened if Rodgers had been given more time? The fact is that Liverpool have replaced a 42 year old manager who may have gone on to greater things with a 48 year old one who has already done it and has the CV to prove it.

Rodgers was a poor man's Klopp.

Anyone who viewed this mornings press conference can see why Klopp is the right man to lead Liverpool forward. Self deprecating, refreshingly honest and disarmingly charming he exudes confidence.

His message to Liverpool fans was simple but to the point: Stop being doubters and believe.

For too long Anfield has had to put up with the away support calling the ground a “library” and generally being more vocal. If ever there was a time for the Kop to find it's full voice and unite then this is it.
If Klopp can't fix this then who are we going to look to in the future?

FSG have just fast forwarded six years in terms of managerial experience. They have invested heavily in dispensing with one competent manager to replace him with an exceptional one. Timing is everything.

Klopp isn't going to be able to fix everything in short order but putting square pegs in square holes to begin with would be a good start.

Beyond that the KOP needs to stop feebly warbling and start singing some heavy metal because this may be the only shot we get at bringing our great club back from the wilderness.

Dust down the flags, get the scarves out of the cupboard and start making some noise. Begin to believe again as the man has asked.

If Klopp can't do it then I doubt there is a man alive on this planet that can.

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