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Fourth Officials must be given video technology.

K Updated

you spineless dickwad. Do something.

Disciplinary Panel? Who are they?

What must it be like to be a fourth official standing on the touchline of today's modern football game?

Powerless to intervene you must feel like a spare prick at a wedding.

And given some of the ranting that gets dished out you'd probably go home on a Saturday afternoon and kick the dog, the cat and punch yourself in the face hard for good measure.


Seeing Sir Alex Fergusons contorted red nosed veins screaming in your face would be enough to give anyone grounds for a case of bullying at work and a trip to the European Courts on the grounds of constructive dismissal.

It's not that the Fourth Official doesn't have any balls and shrinks away from decision making.

They just don't have any decisions to make and holding up the added minute's board is hardly worth taking your referees badge for.

Why not put the fourth official to good use and give them video technology to work with?

Take the recent Balotelli stamping incident.

Here we have a clear case of reckless foul play missed by the referee.

A studs up challenge, knee high, that could have been a career ender.

If the referee had seen the incident and dealt with it – probably with a sending off – then everyone is happy.

Because the referee missed the incident on the field of play Balotelli went unpunished.

What is worse, because the three man FA disciplinary committee deemed that the tackle was not reckless enough no retrospective action should be taken?

Who are these suits?

Who sits on the disciplinary panel?

They are certainly not former players because if they were Balotelli would be sitting out yet another ban and Shaun Derry would have his red card rescinded for "fouling" Ashley Young.

David Bernstein, the FA Chairman, is noted for making good decisions and here is one he should make:

Get rid of the overpaid fat idiots that sit on a so called disciplinary panel and replace them with ex-players who understand the game.

Then we might get some justice.

Until then I'd rather piss in the wind than listen to the FA spout on about "respect" campaigns because they clearly don't have a clue.

Does the FA live in fear of FIFA?

The FIFA regulations state that each countries governing body is allowed to make their own decisions regarding retrospective action so why are they so scared of making decisions?

They are making our game a laughing stock.

I understand the need to make sure we don't go down the road of undermining the referees authority but as I've said before – referees need our help and as much of it as they can get because the game has moved on.

Give the fourth official video technology and the opportunity to communicate what he sees with the referee if he thinks an incident merits it.

Of course you can't have video technology at all football games but that doesn't mean it is a reason not to have it.

The DRS (decision review system) used in test cricket is not used in county cricket.

The Hawkeye system used in Tennis is only in place on the number one courts.

Video technology in Rugby is only used in top matches.

A fourth official with a TV monitor and the power to intervene – although not be interfered with – could you imagine that!

Now that would be a huge step in the right direction.

The FA should start examining its own conscience and start making decisions for the good of football and not because of FIFA.

FIFA lives in its own bubble and until Sepp Blatter steps down we will remain in the dark ages.

It is up to the FA to show some balls and take a lead here.

We gave the game to the world – now show them we won't let them ruin it.

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