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BBC shows just what we are losing to pay per view.

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Star Performer - Steve Cram

BBC Commentary team are the unheralded stars of the London Olympic games.

As pay per view continues to fragment and sports fans are forced to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets to watch live sport across a multitude of minority sports channels the BBC has shown us exactly what we are missing by letting our major sporting events migrate to the lesser channels.

Of course the licence payer cannot and will not be allowed to compete with the millions on offer from Sky for Premier League football but these Olympic games have shown us that whatever the sport the BBC can draw upon a deep well of authoritative talent to make the viewer's enjoyment – well, just that bit more enjoyable.

My favourite commentary moment in the Olympic Games was Steve Cram on Mo Farah's win in the 5,000 meters track event.

Clearly wrapped up in his own athletics bubble world Cram exhorted Farah to "Keep Pumping" and to "find something extra" and when he had finished his commentary stint and declared "have you ever seen anything like that?" you just knew that Cram had taken every stride around the track and lived every moment.

There were commentary highlights everywhere. The rowing team were on form as they were in the cycling velodrome but Cram's performance was the cherry on the icing on the cake and will live long in the memory.

The BBC's performance at these games has been nothing short of first class and has shown what the licence payer is missing. The days of watching test match cricket on the BBC are long gone but the past few weeks of excellence from the beeb has made me long to go back to the days of my childhood and Richie Benaud and the test match cricket theme.

The days of the Grand Prix and the excitable Murray Walker. The days of Frank Bruno and Harry Carpenter exhorting him to "come on Frank" after he had rocked Tyson with a big right hand.

Of course I'm not suggesting that Pay per View isn't a good thing – it most definitely is because it can give airtime and more comprehensive coverage to sport than can a single channel.

But I am getting angry at the continuing fractious nature of watching Premier league football on pay per view channels.

Like most fans I don't watch every game. I want to watch all the Liverpool games and the big cup games. But I don't want to subscribe to channels three times over for the privilege of doing so.

This season we need to have a Sky Sports subscription at £21 per month and an ESPN subscription at £10 to watch all premier league games "live" but if you only want to follow your team then it's a lot cheaper to just watch live streaming on one of the many free streaming channels like wiziwig.tv that get broadcast on match day.

When you compare the value in what you get pound for pound from pay per view to what you get from terrestrial TV for the same amount of money then you can see what good value the BBC is.

And what makes it worse is that even though subscriber channels take your hard cash to be able to view them you still have to sit through those annoying adverts just before kick-off just when they are about to start singing "you'll never walk alone".

I'm not cancelling my Sky subscription just yet but the time is just around the corner when broadcast internet streaming quality is reliable and good enough to make it a good substitute.

As long as you don't mind putting up with Russian or Greek commentary.

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