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10k “Gay” Tweet fine is utterly ridiculous.

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22 Years Since Justin Fashanu To fine Suso 10k for calling his teammate “gay” on twitter looks on the face of it to be a welcome sanction from the FA and good news that they are taking action on bullying in the workplace – that’s what it is right?

But when you look into the details you realise how pathetic their mealy mouthed posturing actually is.


Footballers should be banned from using Facebook and twitter until they have retired and grown up that’s for sure. The news today that Robbie Savage is close to amassing 1 million twitter followers after William Hill had a bit of fun by opening a book shows exactly how far social media is permeating our culture and society.

The list of footballers who have made complete twats of themselves by taking to their twitter accounts and typing before they engage their brain is legendary but this, this is something entirely different.

According to the reports Liverpool full back Enrique had teeth whitening treatment to improve his pearly whites. Nothing wrong with that at all, just ask Simon Cowell and a host of other celebrities who have had the same thing done. We could think of a lot of worse things he could spend his pots of money on couldn’t we?

So when Suso took to his twitter account to mock his teammate and fellow Spaniard in jest by telling the world that Enrique must be “gay” to have that type of treatment he can hardly have imagined that he was about to invoke the wrath of the FA and that they would step in and deal out a 10k fine and reprimand.

The tweet has subsequently been deleted and an apology offered immediately to anyone Suso may have offended. For his part Enrique tweeted that he was astonished that the FA should fine Suso at all for a “bit of banter”.

The last gay footballer to openly admit his sexual preference was Justin Fashanu in 1990. Justin killed himself in 1998 after being accused of having sex with a seventeen year old. Read the full Wikipedia entry here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Fashanu

That is 22 years ago. 22 years since a footballer last openly admitted they were homosexual.

According to this study published in the independent http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/official-statistics-reveal-uk-gay-lesbian-and-bisexual-population-2087829.html one in a hundred people admit to being gay so on the balance of probability we have one in 200 males who are homosexual.

Quick maths tells me that there must be close to 3,000 players in the top four divisions at any one time and so logic determines that there must be at least ten active gay players in amongst that conservative figure.

So how many players have gone through their entire playing careers keeping their homosexuality to themselves?

You do the math as they say. I’ve done most of it for you.

Once again the FA has outdone itself with this fine which is chump change to Suso. They should either have fined the club heavily, banned the player for a number of matches (you tell me how many) and let the whole football eco system know that in no way will this homophobic behaviour be tolerated.

Or they should do nothing at all and accept that it was meant as a joke and is part and parcel of the game.

Locker room behaviour and all that.

This fine is neither here nor there and continues in a long line of pathetic attempts to “do something”

The Respect campaign? How many players will you see swearing at the referee this weekend?

If this is the FA taking action on your behalf then you are hardly going to admit to being gay any time soon are you?

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