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General Betting Tips

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Betting For Value
Betting For Value Featured Hot
K Kopfan   Updated March 15, 2016
So often we hear of value betting and how we should be using it to our advantage, but what exactly is it? How do we begin to understand it? What you should know from the outset is that spotting the value in a bet is incredibly difficult even for betting professionals. If your eyes begin to glaze over when you start seeing the maths then don't beat yourself up for it – you are in the majority of people who want to bet for fun but want to try and understand a little more about what they are betting on without resitting their maths GCSE!
Beginners Bankroll management
K Kopfan   Updated March 15, 2016
How to manage your gambling money. One of the most important tools you can use to aid you in your quest for gambling profits is not a poker odds calculator or casino strategy guides. Free bonus sports bets are of course worth having but the best tool you can have in your armoury is to be able to manage your bankroll. Bankroll management is the singularly most important tool that you need in your betting arsenal to become a successful gambling punter. Without it, you will go bust very quickly or at the very least keep reloading accounts.
Top Ten Beginners Gambling Mistakes
K Kopfan   Updated March 15, 2016
Learn from the Pros and avoid making these costly gambling errors. 1. Not Using Bonus Betting Offers Correctly. One of the cornerstones of value betting is taking advantage of free sports bets and no deposit bonus offers to add more value to your bets. However many people don't use the bonuses or free bets properly and miss out on the value they provide.
Advanced Bankroll Management.
K Kopfan   Updated October 09, 2014
Your Sports Betting Bankroll Guide The basic rule of bankroll management is that you gamble around 3% or less of your bankroll on any one bet or account reload. This basic rule is designed to stop you burning through your bankroll in short order or seeing it all disappear in one go playing blackjack. Laugh? I kid you not. More people than ever put their entire bankroll on the line in the name of having a good time without realising there is a better way. This is why casinos are so successful and make so much money – loads of chumps ready and willing to part with a ton of cash.
4 results - showing 1 - 4