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Referee Webb center stage in 3-3 thriller.

K Updated
Howard Webb - was he in Star Trek?

Simulation makes impossible job for referees.

Ferguson was apopleptic on the touchline. Eyes bulging out of sockets and furiously gum chewing he looked like a man who was about to spontaneously combust. His face could not get any redder if he smeared it in beetroot.

On his Chelsea debut Cahill had caught Welbeck and brought him down. Replays showed it was outside the box but should at the least have been a free kick. Cahill was lucky not to be sent off but he did have one of the most lenient referees on his side when it comes to sending players off and no one forgets referee Webb’s handling of the world cup final between Spain and Holland.

Fast forward to the second half when Welbeck deliberately trailed his leg and went over Ivanovic connng the referee into giving United their second penalty. How can referees be expected to produce any consistency when players are doing their absolute utmost to cheat their way to victory?

After the game both managers were critical of the referee.

One claiming that they should have had four penalties and the other one claiming - that the referee “was compensating for something” whatever that means.

Live by the sword die by the sword.

If Sir wants referees to be more consistent then he should ask his players to stay on their feet and start setting an example. Then he may have an argument. Until then it’s just the pot calling the kettle black.

Of course simulation is not confined to United’s ranks and there is no doubt that it is rife in the game. But it has always been that way. It’s just that with the proliferation of games covered by TV and the multitude of cameras at each game players are more often caught “simulating”. Diving. Cheating.

What is interesting to note is that as players mature they do less of it. As they get older they realise how ridiculous they look when they fly through the air with no obvious reason for doing so.

Welbeck will grow up and get over his penchant for chucking himself on the floor the same as Suarez has started to do at Liverpool. Players realise what utter fools they look when they get it wrong.

For the referee though trying to see through the smokescreen of deceit is an impossible job and we shouldn’t be listening to managers berating the officials for what they perceive to be incompetent refereeing decisions.

The FA should get tough and take managers to task for their injudicious comments for it is managers that are ruining the spectacle and making a mockery of the game.

If Webb had sent off Cahill after seven minutes or so we would all be complaining that the game was ruined by the sending off.

If you accept that the referee is impartial, and by having a referee then you have to accept that or there would be no game, then you also need to accept that the referee will make impartial decsions. For better or worse.

It’s an impossible job but managers and fans alike need to stop berating officials for poor decisions and look closer to home for reasons why those decsions are being made.

As for the game Torres was my man of the match. He showed flashes of the old brilliance and was calm and composed on the ball. He did put the only chance that came his way well wide but other than that he had a superb game and his cross for the second goal was a peach.

Likewise DeGea saved the match for United in goal. Apart from a nervy punch in the opening minutes he made two fantastic saves of which maybe only Joe Hart would have been the equal of and he gained a point for United.

This was a thrilling game and made up for my losing bet on United to win 2-1

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