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Suarez brings club into disrepute

K Updated

shankly would not tolerate suarez

Tail wagging dog shows just how far Liverpool's star has fallen.

Shankly would not put up with this. The great man would have bundled Suarez out of town faster than you can say "negro".

That Dalglish continued to support Suarez right up until the point that he was told to stop by the club's owners is indicative of the malaise that grips football in general and the low esteem with which non-football people hold it.

Can no one else see the moral vacuum that the game is being sucked into?

The conduct and attitude of overpaid modern footballers is appalling. This is no example to set our children and no wonder the referee has such a hard time of it.

It's getting to the point where I am starting to dread Sunday morning football. A bunch of twelve year olds feigning injury and bad mouthing the referee does not pass for entertainment.

Liverpool have always been a club that prides itself on doing things "the Liverpool way" but recently that way has been down a path we really don't want to follow.

It's not just Suarez who is dragging the club through the mire but the odious Bellamy with his constant swearing and ranting is also doing his best to tarnish the Liverpool name.

Dalglish too has finally seen the folly of his ways and apologised to all and sundry for not -"conducting myself befitting of a Liverpool manager".

This great servant and legend of the club has been dragged so low by the actions of his players that he has finally had to sever all public support and toe the company line. It's about time he got tough and reminded players that they don't have a God given right to play for this great club.

John Henry will not put up with this trash. It's not the type of train set he expected to play with. When the trains keep jumping off the tracks it's time to make the signalman earn his corn.

And what of Evra?

His pathetic touchline jumping up and down and his goading of Suarez were despicable actions.

Likewise his haste to charge into Suarez in the first few minutes of the match. When Suarez quickly worked out what was coming he took avoiding action. Ferdinand had no idea that Evra was on a mission and he just didn't move quickly enough to get out of the way.

It was pathetically, pathetically funny.

"Eat dirt" Ferdinand.

And Sir?

His after match pontification that Suarez should never play for Liverpool again was outrageous. When Cantona launched his epic kung fu kick on a fan who had abused him no one else told Man United how to put their house in order.

He should bite his tongue and keep to the moral high ground.

From Rooney swearing into the camera and constantly abusing the referee to this latest episode of racial abuse we can no longer claim that we love this beautiful game.

Sepp Blatter and his autocratic dinosaur ways have seen to it that we lag far behind other sports in the use of retrospective technology use to punish offenders and get decisions right.

Whilst the FA have only recently appointed someone who has anywhere near the administration and negotiation skills needed to start coming to terms with the enormous task of overhauling the Association.

Football has a cancer eating away its soul but it has been led by weak management in all areas of the pitch for too many years and this is the result. Any worldwide company that had so many obvious management deficiencies at so many levels would quickly go bust unless they had a world beating product to offer.

Until now football was that product. But when even a club with as high a standing as Liverpool has in the game begins to take on water you fear for the future.

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