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Shut Up Aldridge. We Know what the problem is.

K Updated

Watching on with interest...

Liverpool Legends should keep shtum.

There have been many great players for Liverpool. Some have become great through repeated coaching and some have been great through talent alone.

Some have risen through the ranks to become fantastic players and some have had a pat on the back to encourage them.

A few have not been up to the standard you would like them to be but that happens at all clubs not just Liverpool.

Those clubs that already have a production line of talent did not start it today.

They started years ago with Beckham, Scholes, Giggs and the Nevillers.

Sometimes you just need to accept that growth is going to come more slowly than you would ordinarily like it to be.

As it stands six defeats from seven games is terrible form.

But all those knee jerk fans calling for the managers head need to fucking calm down and start thinking about what would have happened had Dalglish not taken over when he did.

Relegation was seriously on the cards.

Now of course the idiots among you are going to say that Dalglish has overseen the worst run in 60 years and Hodgson would not come close to anywhere near this bad.

I tell you. Any drug user, alcohol abuser will tell you that you have to see the bottom to be able to see the way back up.

This is not a top four team under achieving. This is a mid table team over achieving and it has been that way for many years. Benitez did wonders with what he had available.

Face it. Like I told you the other day. The players Liverpool have now are not comparable with what they had 20 years ago.

We don't need the past players to wade in with their assessment. We all know players are underperforming.

We want to know WHY they are underperforming and if anyone wants to know the answer to that question then it is Dalglish.

Andy Carroll is a fantastic player but he has had all the life force sucked out of him. I really want him to come good. Honestly I do .

I want him to start terrorising the defence like he used to do for Newcastle. He has it in him. No doubt about that. GO ANDY. Like I have that written on the bottom of my foot.

Suarez just needs to put his head up and look for another player to pass to. That would be Carroll who is always on the edge of the box and needs to steam in.

Come on how hard can this management stuff be?

Johnson and Kelly at right back are sound. Flanagan was excellent as well and it's making the right back position a tough choice.

Skrtel is arguably player of the season at CB

Agger is one of the premierships most accomplished defenders and reminds me of Hansen. But when he doesn't play we look a much poorer team.

Carragher is a fill in for him but time has taken a toll on the amount of times you can charge in and block a shot.

Enrique looks like one of the buys of the season but this season has made several errors that have given up points. I'd have him in my team.

In midfield Lucas has been so badly missed. Once derided for being a lightweight (Henderson) he has been Liverpool's most consistent player and best tackler according to stats.

Adam has not played to anywhere near his potential. Some flashy quarterback passing but the consistency is not there. Maybe he just needs to come down to earth.

Henderson. Kid has some talent but here's the problem:

In Paisleys day they used to buy top players and then keep them on the bench for the duration.

Just letting them dip their toe here and there.

It was seen as Paisley's genius but Dalglish knows all this shit and I think he has a threadbare squad to work with.

Spearing is one of my favourite players. Always wanting the ball. Always distributing. Paul Scholes in the making.

Gerrard. Just need his top perfomances.

Downing: Well he's an England player. No doubt about it.

Suarez: I'll tell you what: I hate his cheating and diving. Give me Fowler on the day he tried to persuade the ref not to book a player.

Or the Fowler that pretended to sniff the white line?

Carroll: He can be a player. I'm sure of it. I've seen the videos.

Sometimes though. It's not what's in the past. It's what the future holds that can be so scary.

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