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Man City 2 Liverpool 2 Match Review

K Updated

Essential Betting Facts

Premier League
Etihad Stadium

Aguero Bamboozles ReinaMan of the match: Daniel Sturridge.

Moment of the Match: Aguero scores from impossible angle.

Villain of the match: Pepe Reina inexplicably does his headless chicken act.

Moan of the match: Sturridge gets booked (rightly) for diving.


After losing a two goal lead in midweek to Arsenal with a glaring goalkeeper howler it was galling to watch the Reds throw away another two points with yet another keeping error.

Only this time it was a rush of blood to the head that did for Pepe Reina as he rushed out to close down Aguero, only to see the little maestro curl his shot ten yards from the by-line outside the area and find the netting inside the far post.

By reintroducing the dependable Carragher to the back four Rodgers has shored up the defence only to see his last line of resistance – the goalkeeper - and two different ones at that, culpable for two absolute clangers that have surely cost the Reds four points.

This must be the most frustrating of times for the manager. Where once he was looking in a bare cupboard to find support for Suarez and another source of goals now he is going to be looking for another keeper in the summer and hoping he can stem the flow of rickets that are costing the club so dearly.

When Sturridge signed for Liverpool I was promptly told by my 22 year old son and his younger brother that Sturridge was "crap" and was another waste of money.

As I leapt out of my chair to celebrate the best of his goals so far for Liverpool and yell "YES – YOU SHIT PLAYER" whilst looking in delight at the aforementioned pair they finally relented and admitted that actually he might turn out to be quite good and started backtracking with platitudes like "well he is quite quick".

Quite quick?

Sturridge had his best game so far in a Red shirt and his movement and control was superb.

12 Million?

In today's Mickey Mouse football money climate he is a bargain and he is going to get better. There is a lot more to come from this lad.

It was just a shame that we had over £600 riding on the result of this game for an accumulator treble and Aguero not only took away from the fantastic Liverpool goals but also killed the enjoyment more of which I've covered in the betting blog.

So rather than girlishly moan about the bet – which I shouldn't have placed anyway, let's pick out some of the performers that deserve mentioning:

Jordan Henderson: Through sheer perseverance this lad is starting to show he can play a bit. Well done lad. Physically he is starting to impose himself on the game where once he was being shrugged off too easily. That reminds me of an early Lucas who had the same ability but suffered from being too easily pushed off the ball. Henderson is starting to show the talent that England management have seen in him.

Stewart Downing: Slowly but surely the tricks and flicks that are in the bag are starting to come out and show themselves. He still has a way to go to get to a level where he is an automatic choice but you can see he has worked incredibly hard to save himself from the ignominy of being shipped off to Wigan or Norwich. The final ball still isn't there and he needs to find it quick or Coutinho could be taking his starting spot.

Steven Gerrard: Whatever Brendan Rodgers has put in his cuppa lately – I'll have some of that. Back to tackling furiously, covering acres of ground and scoring thirty yard spectacular goals. Welcome back to the head of the class.

Overall this was an even better performance than the game against Arsenal and an arguably stronger team which means we can finally start to think about doing better than mid table.

On the last two performances Liverpool are much better than a mid-table side.

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