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Liverpool 0 West Bromwich 1 Match Review

K Updated

A comedy of errors.

The smirk on Roy Hodgsons face after this game made you want to poke your eyes out with a hot fork.

This is Groundhog Day with a vengeance.

The truth of it is of course what we have known all along. Liverpool cannot score and it has been the same story all season long.

When will Andy Carroll shave off that Jonah Ponytail?

Changing the manager is not the answer.

Claiming that the midfield is not good enough to be in your local pub team glosses over the fact that Liverpool have created more chances than any other team in the Premiership.

Excuses? We don’t need excuses.

Sacking Dalglish would be folly of the highest order but he cannot keep picking players over more deserving starters simply because they were purchased on his watch.

Shelvey is in much better form than Henderson and should have started this game.

Apart from that what else is there to say?

Once again Liverpool battered their opponents and watched them walk away with all three points.

Another smash and grab.

Liverpool had 27 shots to two and 60% of the possession but once again they left their shooting boots in the locker room.

Kuyt, Carroll, Suarez and Maxi were all guilty of spurning gilt edged opportunities that most other premiership strikers would put away with relish. Liverpool hit the post for the 29th and 30th times.

The fact is that this Liverpool team is actually quite good. You may laugh and scoff but they played West Bromwich off the park yesterday and didn’t get their just rewards.

Andy Carroll is starting to get some self-belief, although results like this one are not going to help in any shape or form, but you can see an improvement in his game and the confidence is coming back.

Suarez is a fantastic player, full of trickery like a slippery eel but he is not a finisher that is clear and he needs to play alongside someone who is banging in the goals for fun.

There is not a lot wrong with this side that some self-belief and after hours shooting practice will not fix.

How can you slate the manager for buying one of the premierships star strikers?

It is not his fault that he has not performed to the best of his ability.

Or is that the problem and we are blind to the fact that King Kenny is not motivating his players enough?

For Liverpool fans the end of the season cannot come quick enough. This season is a write off.

What will John Henry make of this?

He is between a rock and a hard place. Sacking Dalglish is not an option at the moment and anyway another manager is not going to get on the pitch and stick the chances away.

But at the same time Fenway Sports Group must be horrified at the appalling points total and league position.

This is not what they bought into.

If Liverpool were to take this form into next season the bookies would stop taking sports bets on them being the first team relegated.

Winning the FA Cup against Chelsea is becoming more of a must win game with every league defeat but it will only paper over the cracks that are a work in progress.

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