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Kenny Dalglish gets the full FSG treatment.

K Updated

Kenny Dalglish is sacked by FSG

Liverpool Manager pays the price for poor league performances.

Chief Executive – Position unfilled.

Director of Football – Sacked.

Head of Sports Science – Sacked.

Head of PR – Sacked.

First team Coach - Sacked

Manager - Sacked.

Fenway Sports Group must have a damn good plan because they now have a completely new slate to write on and failure will be completely of their own making. There will be no one to blame next time.

When they took over from the ruinous reign of Hicks and Gillet, FSG were confident that they would make Liverpool successful again and that a top four place was the minimum level of achievement expected this season.

This League campaign has been a disaster and Dalglish has paid the price for that.

In my heart I thought that given more time Dalglish would turn things around. Taking the team to two cup finals counts for nothing in FSG's world?

But that is the heart ruling the head and not how John Henry works.

There are some players who need to take a good long look in the mirror when they have a shave in the morning for they have let Dalglish down badly and he didn't deserve it to end this way.

Dalglish is gone and no amount of recrimination is going to bring him back. His poor press conferences, diabolical support for Suarez and continual support for players who were not pulling their weight has done for him.

In days gone by his disdain for being interviewed would have been seen as part of his genius, but these days the way a club is presented is so much more important than it ever has been.

Dalglish looked scruffy in his bubble coat and trackies and although I'm sure his coaching methods were modern his attitude appeared to be stuck in a bygone era.

Even Alex Ferguson is civil when it comes to camera time.

Dalglish was foisted on John Henry when Hodgson made a pig's ear of the job. But even Hodgson was not FSG's choice. Hodgson was appointed as a safe pair of hands by Christian Purslow in the wake of the successful court case against Hicks and Gillet but his style of football was awful to watch.

When Dalglish came to the rescue Liverpool was torn apart by infighting and King Kenny immediately unified the club. The style of football immediately improved and light could be seen at the end of the tunnel.

However mixed in with the good performances – the Carling cup win against City, The return leg victory, the 3-0 win against Everton were a series of awful ones – the 3-2 reverse to QPR, the 2-1 loss to Wigan and defeat in the last game of the season to Swansea just some of the lowlights.

The awful truth of it is that whilst many of the expensive purchases have been abject failures for most of this season, next season they will be a year older and wiser and more able to cope with their price tag. Carroll belatedly sparked to life and Henderson started to put in some good performances. Losing Lucas was a massive blow.

Sure there have been bad buys but they are part and parcel of buying the unknown. Diego Forlan anyone? Juan Sebastien Veron?

"Yoose don't know what you are fucking talking about, he's a fucking great player" said Ferguson before Veron was shipped out. All £28 Million of him. And that was how many years ago?

The demands of financial fair play mean that qualification for the Champions league is more important than ever and as Liverpool fall behind the Manchester and London clubs John Henry is staring mid table mediocrity in the face.

I'm disappointed Kenny has gone. He has put Liverpool at the centre of his world for the good of the club and when he came back John Henry could not fail to be moved by the support for him on King Kenny Flag Day.

Business people are there to make hard business decisions and at least FSG are acting quickly to implement their vision.

Many Liverpool fans will say that Ferguson was given more time. He was. But as I remember United were floundering at the bottom of the table and there was no Champions league football to play for then.

The financial pressure to succeed was nowhere near today's stellar expectations.

Good luck Kenny. When the sun shone it was a bright light.

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