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Barcelona 2 Chelsea 2 – Post Match Review.

K Updated
I'm not that type of player! John Terry confirms what we all suspected.

Anti-Football, Guts and glory or unjust desserts?

John Terry must be ruing his rush of blood to the head when he decided that a good way of slowing down Sanchez was to try and give the Barcelona striker a dead leg.

Unfortunately for Terry he managed to confirm everyone's suspicions of the type of character he is by:

A: Being spotted by the linesman raising his knee into the Spaniards back.


B: Trying to use weasel words to deny the crime.

At half time he claimed that he had simply run into the back of Sanchez.

"You know me Geoff" he said, talking to Sky reporter Geoff Shreeves at half time.

"I'm not that type of player".

But by full time and having had the benefit of seeing a replay of his own assault he was apologising to fans and team mates alike for a baffling loss of self-control.

Lucky the victim of his attack wasn't black or we would have another furore on our hands.

John Terry strikes me as the type of guy that when it is your round you have to grit your teeth and ask him what he wants to drink.

Just ask Wayne Bridge.

Enough Terry bashing, this game was one of the all-time greats.

By the time Terry got his marching orders Chelsea were already well on the back foot and a goal behind and it was no surprise that Barcelona quickly scored again to make it 2-0.

Thoughts started to turn to how many Barcelona would get.

Gary Cahill had been substituted with what looked like a hamstring injury for an involuntary attempt at the splits and with Terry banished to the stands, Chelsea were playing with a second choice central defensive pairing and ten men against the best team in the world.

What are the odds of them not conceding?

Even better – what are the odds of them not conceding and scoring twice themselves?

I can do better than that:

What are the sporting odds of them not conceding with only ten men on the pitch and giving Barcelona a penalty early in the second half to boot?

Ramires' goal just before half time was something of beauty. A goal of real class, set free by Lampard he ran from the half way line uncontested and delightfully chipped the ball over Valdes to make the score 2-1 and with the away goal Chelsea were going through.

At half time we were thinking how Chelsea could possibly hope to hold on to just the one goal deficit and when Barcelona were awarded the penalty with four minutes gone in the second half you feared they would get steamrollered.

Messi stepped up and – hit the bar. The ball rebounded and fell to a Chelsea shirt and it was hoofed clear.

The following forty minutes of football will be remembered by fans everywhere for the rest of their lives.

Barcelona huffed and puffed and passed out wide to Alves.

Alves could not find a way past Ashley Cole and passed the ball back.

The ball went to the other wing where substitute Tello could not find a way past the Chelsea defence and the ball came back to Messi who continually tried to chip and cajole a magical pass.

When Barcelona finally found a way through the Chelsea barricade they were thwarted by excellent goalkeeping from Petr Cech who had an outstanding game, and the post who along with the bar also had their say in keeping Barcelona out.

In the end I think it is fair to say Barcelona lacked a plan B.

When faced with 10 men determined to shut them out there were no overlapping runners from wide positions and as the game wore on it took on that air of inevitability.

How can you be critical of Barcelona though? They did everything BUT score.

Some of the passing and movement was the best ever seen and they just lacked that bit of fortune that can make all the difference in these games.

For Chelsea I feel sorry for those players who will miss the final through picking up another yellow card.

Meireles in particular can count himself unlucky to be booked.

And of course let us not forget the man who scored Chelsea's second goal.

After replacing a tiring Drogba late in the second half Fernando Torres was struggling badly to get to grips with the game and several times he almost calamitously let players go that he should have been marking.

But with time running down the Barcelona defence was AWOL and Torres was set free to run from the half way line, take time to look over his shoulder and then round the keeper with aplomb to level the scores on the night.

Redemption for the fifty million man.

The transformation in this Chelsea team has been astounding. The resolve required to defend the way they have deserves the plaudits for an amazing rear-guard action.

And what now for Barcelona?

They let Chelsea have four shots on target over the two ties and conceded three goals.

I predict extra defensive work on the training pitch for their three man defence.

And poor Wayne. He must have watched through his hands with every step Torres took towards the Barca goal.

Football can indeed be a cruel, cruel game.

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