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Premier League Football Accumulator - £10 wins £227.70

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Football Accumulator

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October 24, 2013
October 26, 2013

One of the funniest things on television this week was a clean-shaven Roy Keane remarking that "he wouldn't lose any sleep" over the revelations in Sir Alex Ferguson's new book, imaginatively titled "my autobiography," painting Keane as a demonic monster.

It was as if Ferguson had become horrified at the Frankenstein type character that he had helped to create and shipped him out before he could do any serious damage.

In some ways Keane as a presenter reminds me of Graeme Souness, there is a dark brooding barely concealed menace lying just under the surface. It's like watching car crash TV, you just know that there is going to be one of those "moments" in their broadcasting career when they just can't contain the pent-up furious rage inside them.

At least they have both got rid of the silly facial hair and you can concentrate on what they are saying rather than trying to spot the dinner leftovers.

I haven't read the book and nor do I intend to but from what I've read in newspaper reviews Ferguson comes across as being cut from the same mould as Margaret Thatcher. Any hint that you are going to upset the apple cart and off you go, never to darken the doorstep again.

Like Thatcher, Ferguson ruled with an iron fist and had no time for those who wanted to pursue other interests besides football. But it was okay for him to become involved with "pie oh my" and that is why Keane could see double standards were being applied. You could just imagine Keane erupting Tony soprano style and throttling the gaffer for having the audacity to invest in a racehorse.

Anyway the facts of the matter are that Ferguson set out to knock Liverpool FC off their perch and he did so emphatically. Helped in no small degree by the large slice of luck he had as four or five players made the leap from the Academy to the first team in one year. That gave him a leap of five years progress and built the basis for its future success. Ryan Giggs is still playing - that's how good they were.

If only Liverpool could replicate that amazing feat and have three or four Academy players progress to the first team. This week Andre Wisdom has gone out on loan to Derby and let's hope that he returns. The list of Liverpool players who have gone out on loan recently never to return seems to be getting longer and longer. The recent sale of Jonjo Shelvey was particularly disappointing - this kid has huge potential and his mistakes against Liverpool will only serve to make him a stronger player.

I suppose you could understand his reasons for accepting a move though. Trying to force your way into a team that has both Gerrard and Lucas ahead of you in the pecking order must be particularly daunting.

Manchester United play Stoke on Saturday and Mark Hughes will return to his old club for a spot of after game winetasting. Oh wait! That won't happen now will it? Is Moyesey a fan of the bottled grape? Somehow I doubt it.

Moyes has inherited a side that everyone who looked at the team sheet would say that that it was probably one of the weakest if not the weakest first 11 that has taken to the pitch in recent memory. Ferdinand was at fault for both of the goals that United conceded against West Bromwich and was clearly slow off the mark whilst Cleverly, Nani, Valencia are not doing enough to justify their place.

There are however bright spots on the horizon for Moyes. Ferguson was absolutely spot-on in his appraisal of Rooney because his recent improvement in form indicates that he was playing at a lower level previously and this kid Junazaj can play a bit.

At 4 to 11 the price is a bit short but as there are only four games that kick-off at 3 o'clock on Saturday we don't have any choice to make a true accumulator.

Manchester United to beat Stoke then is our first pick.

Aston Villa V Everton is our next game and with Villa already losing three games this season at home, losing another one would be a disaster and they are just too good with the likes of Benteke and Weimann in their strikeforce. I'm going to pick the draw at 12 to 5.

Norwich V Cardiff just looks like a game that has a draw written all over it. You would think both teams are going to be duking it out to maintain premiership status and it is difficult to make a case for the home win or the away win. The draw is 12 to 5.

And finally we have Liverpool V West Bromwich. In the match football betting tips preview I've gone for the draw at 4 to 1 but for this football accumulator I'm going for the home win, normally I would exclude Liverpool from any betting as obviously I am biased but on this occasion I have no choice. In the same fixture last season Liverpool were coming along nicely until they came spectacularly off the rails against West Bromwich losing 0-2 but with Sturridge and Suarez in fine form and Lucas returning Liverpool are close to the height of their powers and they should win this game.

So that's our premiership football accumulator for this weekend. Good luck, happy betting and make sure you get on the £2 football accumulator if you are spending the afternoon in the pub.

If West Bromwich win on Saturday then both Acca's will be down the toilet and I'll be left with a red face!

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