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Football Accumulator System | £2 returns £949.49 | 20th April 2013

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Football Accumulator

Betting Summary

Date Placed
April 17, 2013
April 20, 2013

After building out a strategy for compiling football accumulators this is our first test of what the system is going to do for us so it’s guaranteed to be an interesting Soccer Saturday this weekend.

Of course I have better things to do than sit around watching Jeff Stelling and his mates fool around like overactive children but what the heck – the other stuff can wait!

These are the odds I am using for this accumulator:

21/20, 11/10, 6/5, 5/4 and 13/10

So let’s have a look through the long list of games and see what we can find.

Remember we are looking for eight home wins – draws and away wins are the enemy in this accumulator.

Bristol Rovers v Accrington Stanley 21/20
Port Vale v Northampton Town 21/20
West Ham v Wigan Athletic 5/4
Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town 6/5
York City v Southend United 6/5
Annan Athletic v Stirling Albion 6/5
Elgin City v Berwick 21/20
Birmingham City v Leeds United 13/10

In fact all of the decisions are pretty much made for us using this system because there are not that many games available to choose from with this odds range.

Maybe it’s a fluke but apart from the last game which was added at 13/10 and at the higher end of the odds range there were no more games to choose from at the lower odds ranges.

This week I’m not going to bother doing any analysis – I’ve chosen the system and we’ll see the results and tweak it after this weekend.

We probably need to add in some more higher odds between 1/1 and 2.5 to give us a wider choice of games to pick from and give us a chance to do some simple fact finding but for this week everything is automatically picked – that’s a system I like!

I placed this accumulator at Betvictor - £2 returns £949.49 so slightly under our £1,000 magic marker and that is probably another good reason to introduce some slightly higher odds next week. I think we’ll look at adding 11/8, 7/5 and 6/4 into the mix so that we can increase the return slightly and also have more games to choose from – adding those odds would give us another four games or so added into the mix this week.

I think ultimately if we could have a system that automatically found twenty games for us each Saturday from which we could do our research and throw out anything we really didn't like then it would be an improvement.

But ultimately the fact of the matter is that we have the odds we have because punters are placing their cash on the draw and the away win. So really unless one of our teams has an outfield player playing in goal or a sudden long injury list then it isn't going to affect the outcome.

And anyway the odds would reflect the change so I suppose you could place the acca a couple of hours before kick off so that you know you are not getting any nasty surprises in your odds.

Whatever you are betting on have a great weekend and good luck!

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