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Football Accumulator £2 wins £54.05 03/05/2014

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Football Accumulator

Essential Betting Facts

Football Accumulator
April 03, 2014
Live TV Coverage
SKY Sports 1

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Date Placed
April 30, 2014
May 03, 2014

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It's been a long time since we did a football accumulator and so to ease ourselves back into the swing of things I'm going for an eightfold home banker acca that returns £54.05 for a measley £2 stake.

Who else thinks that Ryan Giggs is going to make a good Man United manager? Well he can't do any worse than the last incumbent can he and after 25 years or so of working with whiskey nose he must have picked up a smattering of what's required to be a good manager.

Going for "big names" with equally big contracts is no guarantee of success and you only have to look at how Kenny Dalglish handled the job when he was appointed Liverpool player manager all those years ago to have an inkling as to how Giggs might perform.

He talks the right talk, he has the demeanour and he has the players backing. He also has the ear of Fergie when he needs to make tough decisions.

The problem with being a manager at a top top club is how to deal with all the huge egos in the dressing room and gaining their support was Moyes hardest task. It didn't help his cause at all that he fired the entire backroom staff as soon as he took over thereby alienating himself in one fell swoop.

Going from giving one sure candidate a six year contract only to see him fail embarrasingly to one who is green behind the ears might seem a bit radical but sometimes radical is what is needed.

Giggs would have the fans backing and that is often what counts most - ask Hodgson about that one.

Here's your home banker acca for Saturday. Make sure you gloat suitably when all your mates are tearing up their betting slips.

  • Selection 1: Manchester Utd, Match Result, Manchester Utd v Sunderland
  • Selection 2: Leicester, Match Result, Leicester v Doncaster
  • Selection 3: Reading, Match Result, Reading v Burnley
  • Selection 4: Brentford, Match Result, Brentford v Stevenage
  • Selection 5: Peterborough, Match Result, Peterborough v Port Vale
  • Selection 6: Wolves, Match Result, Wolves v Carlisle
  • Selection 7: Celtic, Full Time Result, Celtic v Aberdeen
  • Selection 8: Dundee, Match Result, Dundee v Dumbarton

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