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Aguero Wonder strike sinks Accumulator Treble.

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Football Accumulator

This weekend was another great weekend for the betting blog as we brought home an accumulator double and just missed out on the treble with Aguero's wonder strike that put a hole in our treble bet.

The double though was good enough to bring back £140.00 for our £10 stake. On top of last weeks fourfold accumulator winner which returned £140.65 for the £5 stake I thought this week I would share with you two valuable betting lessons learnt this week.

Well actually, one was learnt today, the other was learnt a long time ago and I just decided to ignore the teaching and suffered the consequences.

Well you know – a fool and his money and all that.


So let's do the lessons in reverse order for clarity:

The first lesson, which I ignored, was that you don't bet on your own team to win. You can only bet on them to lose.

The reasons?

Firstly you are emotionally involved in the decision making process whenever you put together an accumulator and when the outcome is riding on the last result – as it was today – the feeling of loss is doubled up when you also have to take the pain of your team losing – or drawing in this case.

After the first two results went our way we had just over £600 riding on Liverpool winning the match and at 2-1 up with fifteen minutes to go it was looking good. Only for Aguero to score a goal he will never score again in his lifetime.

If you are betting on your team to lose – and they manage to win, then the pain is reduced!

That's the last time I ever bet on Liverpool winning a match however good the odds look! I'll just keep writing the Liverpool blog and leave it at that!

The second lesson is that you must find the best possible odds for your accumulator and do the research. The odds differential for accumulators across different bookies can be staggering – we are talking hundreds of pounds for even small starter bets so it's important you find the best odds because it can make a massive difference to your payday.

The double though is good enough to keep us in clover for the coming week. Ireland beating Wales was a fairly easy pick but picking Italy to beat France was the pick of the week.

Fifteen minutes away from a beautiful treble is gutting when the opposition score a freak goal and it also happens to be against your team – you just can't let that happen to you!

On the subject of accumulators I'm coming to some pretty strong conclusions on what makes a good accumulator which I'm going to share with you later this week so look out for the article which will examine doubles, trebles and four folds in some depth and we'll see what components make up a good accumulator.

If you are an accumulator fan then don't miss it!

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