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Eight Fold Football Accumulator Strategy £2 Yields £1,500+

Eight Fold Football Accumulator Strategy £2 Yields £1,500+

Eight Fold Football Accumulator Strategy £2 Yields £1,500+

Following on from the four fold football accumulator strategy (read that first for a primer if you’ve just got here) I’ve put together a guide for doing a larger accumulator that will garner a higher return for a smaller stake at better odds. How good does that sound!

The probability of winning though is the true odds of over 500/1 (1000/2) and the possible outcomes of these eight matches are 8^3 which equals 512.

Trying to pick eight correct results from 512 possibilities is a pretty tall order so if you have been wondering why you struggle to get close to a winner there is your answer.

The odds spread I’ve used for this accumulator is 21/20, 11/10, 6/5, and 5/4. In fact if you placed eight bets at 5/4 you would return the princely sum of £1,313.68 for a £2 stake and at the other end of the scale eight bets at 21/20 would return £623.82

If you stick to this odds spread then you can be pretty sure that your return is going to be around the £1,000 mark and you are keeping your odds as short as possible to get there for the eight selections

When picking the games for this accumulator you should be looking to find eight home wins only – trying to predict draws in an eight game selection is going to be pretty futile and mixing up home and away wins is just going to confuse the matter so it’s best just to concentrate on finding eight home winners.

The easiest way to do this accumulator is to use the “UK Long List” at skybet where you can quickly see all of the games through all of the divisions and it makes it easy to make your selections.

The alternative to trying to find eight home winners is to place a “draw no bet accumulator" so that if any of your selections ends in a drawn game then that selection is voided but the accumulator isn’t killed.

Of course if you decided to go down this route then you would have to make all of your selections the same type because if you start mixing “draw no bet” selections with “outright wins” you can be certain that lady luck will be cruel to you and give you draws where you don’t want them to kill your accumulator.

The return odds as you would expect are a lot shorter for placing “draw no bet” and if you did an eight fold accumulator consisting entirely made up of “draw no bet” selections then you would be looking at returning around £300 - £400 for your £2 stake if all the selections won. The fact is that several of your accumulator entries will be voided though because they will end in a draw and your return will be realistically halved to £200 if it wins.

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When building a football accumulator it's more important than ever to make sure that you are getting good odds for your selections. Because the winning total is multiplied by the number of selections, you can make significant gains by choosing the best bookmakers from my bookmaker reviews to place your bets. 

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